Thursday, September 27, 2007

Award Winner

Our wedding was the best party EVER! We're still talking about it and what a special day it was. For those who may remember our wedding invitations we thought you'd be excited to know we won an American Graphic Design Award for our invitation design and the small booklet that was included in the guest bags at the Radisson. Pretty awesome!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wood Floors: Part 1

Two weekends ago we started the process of laying hardwood floors. We tackled both bedrooms and part of the hallway. We won't finish the rest until after we receive and put in our patio door. It should be here in a few more weeks. I came to the conclusion that I am NOT a fan of carpet after spending hours pulling up carpet nail strips. They suck! The floors look great. We still need to finish the trim and reattach it, but what a difference already.
Here's the stack of flooring.

Jim started to rip up the carpet in our guest room and we found a very special surprise underneath . . . .

Glitter tile flooring! Wow! It's almost too pretty to cover up again. Just kidding. Pretty sweet, though.

Ahh, the carpet nail strips. They look so easy to just pull right up. Oh, so not the case . . .

The chisel and hammer going to work on those nail strips. Some did come up pretty easily, while others (like this one) disintegrated into split pieces of wood. Not fun.

Next step was laying the tar paper. Not a must, but the manufacturer recommended it for some noise reduction and moisture control. It smelled bad.

Wooo hooo! Look at those floors going down so pretty! The color is really fantastic. There's lots of variation.

Yay! Guest room done (almost, except for the trim). My grandma sent the quilt on the bed. It looks so cozy :) Come visit!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bill’s (other) Girlfriend

Bill is a playful soul. He loves to make friends. Especially with the ladies. Triga is our friends the Caldwell’s labradoodle. She and Bill could play together for hours. Maybe even days and weeks. They especially enjoy tug-o-war and fetch, although Triga is faster than Bill (we’re working on that).


We received the most fantastic gift from our friends Sarah & Jason—a personal branding iron! We put it to the test a few weeks back and it worked like a charm. Steaks anyone??