Saturday, January 19, 2008


Last weekend we took a trip down to West Yellowstone to enjoy a snowmobile tour through the park. It was quite a day.

Here we are preparing for departure on our sweet Arctic Cat! Yeehaw!

Yellowstone is beautiful in the winter as well. It's so quiet and serene.

It wouldn't be Yellowstone without buffalo.

It really wasn't THAT cold :)

If you're not into snowmobiling and would prefer a warmer less active tour of Yellowstone in the winter, they also offer "Snowcoach" tours. There are a couple different variations of the "Snowcoach." This one is one of the originals.

One step further and I would have disappeared completely into the Winter Wonderland. Good thing my jacket was bright orange, just in case I got lost.

Ahh, the glorious moose shot. There isn't really much you can do when you see a moose on the side of the road. Especially when it is around a blind curve and you can't tell if someone is coming up behind you. You get the idea though. Very cool :)


av said...

looks like an amazing, although frighteningly cold, day. You guys still looking for a couple house guests in july?

lyriclynn said... the "Snowcoach" the same as the "Snowcat" in "The Shining"? I really like the color red! Couldn't be any colder than it is here! Love, MOM =^..^=

Sara said...

YES! OMG! You must come visit in July! We'll hit up the rodeo!


Jim said...

snowmobiling at 20 degrees F was like jetskiing in miami compared to waking up to -17 today.
av, i've been working on an agenda for when you guys get here. let me know when you come up with some dates....

clay said...

awesome. no, double awesome.

av said...

i've been keeping an eye on air fare and it pretty much blows no matter what dates you choose in the summer. does 4th of july still sound good? if not, our schedule is pretty much wide open. thoughts?