Monday, May 5, 2008

More Flor

Welcome to the new basement rec room / soon to be pool room.

We ordered more flor carpet tiles about two weeks ago and I finally found the time to put them down on Saturday. Each square in the picture is actually four tiles put together and they have a subtle texture that really 'ties the room together'.

Also, we are set to receive a used pool table that is being salvaged from one of my job sites. My client (who previously owned the table) refused any kind of payment and we are thrilled with his generosity. Big thanks to Walker.

The major task, however, lies ahead. In order to extract the pool table from its current environment

it must be disassembled and driven across town. I'll be enlisting the help of pretty much all my friends in Bozeman as the slate is estimated to weigh in around 570lbs. Ugh. Watch for future posts chronicling my hernia operation.

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