Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer has FINALLY arrived!

Summer took it's sweet ass time this year. We couldn't be more excited that the temperature is finally staying above 35 degrees :) In celebration of summer, Jim decided to build a deck, while I headed back to Michigan for a wedding and family visit. Here are some shots of him hard at work busting it out in less than a week:

And here is the finished deck:

While the deck is pretty sweet, we took it up a notch this weekend with the purchase of an inflatable pool. We enjoyed a couple of pool parties Saturday and Sunday. To all those headed out here this summer, be sure to pack your swim suits!


Hilary said...

Oh wow, you guys are awesome. I wish so bad I could come out and hang in that pool. That is sweet. Dylan and Noah sure would love it too! :)

Jonathan Alt said...

Hot tub!

It's been a while since I purused the Blog, love all the updates to the crib!

Jim said...

Thanksnt. How's your new kitchen?

av said...

has the pool been busted out since the 4th?

love the shirt, btw.

Jim said...

of course. rocked it with friends' babies the last two weekends.