Sunday, June 3, 2007

Settling in

We thought we needed a family photo after we finally finished moving in and turned in the keys to 120 S. Black. We had some difficulty getting Bill to sit up and look at the camera, as you can see :)

We've still got to finish painting in the dining room, living room and kitchen, but the master bedroom is pretty much finished (just need to touch up around the light switches). Here's an after pic. The color goes well with our new bed linens :)

The previous home owner, Lindy, surprised us with gift cards to Target and Lowes upon our moving in. It was the nicest gesture and came in pretty handy this weekend, as we pickedup some new tools and gardening supplies. Jim spent the day assembling the table saw and I weeded a flower bed (didn't quite finish it all, but made a pretty good dent).


Hilary said...

yay! Congrats on the new place - I'm impressed you are already doing so many projects and buying a table saw! Will look forward to more pics. Your dog is hilarous and adorable, by the way.

Nate & Jen said...

Ohh, la, la,... what fun! Congratulations on your new pad! Sure brings back memories of when we got our first house. Looking forward to more pics. Wish I lived close enough to stop in and help you pull some of those weeds!