Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It's not all work! We spent last Friday and Saturday nights camping with our friends Josh, Kiza, Kim and Joe, along with Eva, Eddie, Bobby and Bill. We went to the Cliff Lake/Wade Lake area just west of West Yellowstone. It was breathtaking how clear the water was at Cliff Lake. We spent all day Saturday chilling on the beach, canoeing and fishing around the lake and enjoying an impromptu cocktail hour :)

Here we are shortly after cocktail hour commenced.

Jim managed to capture a crawfish. They were all over the rocks in the water right close to the shore.

Bill loved the water once he got warmed up to it. It was a bit chilly at first. We played fetch with him for hours (partly to keep him occupied and away from the kids that were sharing the beach with us). He had a great time though and was totally worn out on Sunday.

One thing we weren't able to get a picture of was a bald eagle that flew over the lake all day. It was the most spectacular and majestic site. I was mesmerized. They are the most beautiful birds.

So, who's coming for a visit??? :)


Hilary said...

WHOA. that's gorgeous...i had no idea that clear of water existed outside of the carribean! awesome pics.

Nate & Jen said...

Wow Sara! Ditto what Hilary said. Glad to see you have time for relaxin' too.