Monday, November 5, 2007

Just in time for winter...

"At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since". -Salvador Dali

I think about this quote every time my home improvement ideas seem a little too far fetched. Saturday morning was one of those times.

When we moved into our house this spring the first thing that I recognized as needing improvement was the lack of access to our 3/16 of an acre of backyard (we were being forced to go through the garage). So in June, about a month after moving in, Sara and I ordered a new patio door from an acquaintance of mine in the window and door industry. It finally arrived from Germany via Chicago, Denver, Nova Scotia, etc, last week. If I had known there would be an 18 week lead time I probably would have gone domestic. Oh well, it is basically the Audi of patio doors, so the delay is mostly forgotten.

I enlisted the assistance of my friend Josh and we went to work making a huge hole in the back of the house where our lame bay window had been.


An hour or so later:

We then hit the store for lumber and caulk, made a quick stop at A&W and got back to work installing the door.

With the help of Pat and his multiple trips to his house for tools that I do not own we pressed on, getting the door level & plumb.

And as evening settled on Bozeman and the Wolverines were completing their fourth quarter comeback victory over the Spartans, Bill took his first look out from the house to his yard/toilet. He seems happy.


av said...

wow - that would have probably taken me three weeks...nice work.

Jim said...

same here if it hadn't been for josh. he knows what he is doing, i did not, but now i do.

clay said...

Those last two sentences are perhaps two of the best ever written via online blogging. Well done.