Saturday, July 28, 2007

More planting

We decided some hanging planters would add some interest and color to the front of the house. So I went out and bought some, planted them and hung them from the railing. It's a bit late in the season, but I'm hoping they'll fill in some.


Nate & Jen said...

Wow! Sara, how do you have time for all this stuff? Love the posts (and OF COURSE, the pics) and hearing about everything you're up to!

lyriclynn said...

Sara: Our flowers are finally feeling better. We had some steady rain. You will enjoy your garden(s). It's a place to relax and it's fun work, too! LUV, MOM xoxoxo =^..^=

Sara said...

I am sad to report that these baskets totally failed :( They either got eaten by some nasty bugs or just decided it was time to die. Oh well. I hope to get an earlier start next year and maybe choose some flowers with more blooms and brighter colors.