Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More yard work

We've been spending most of our time on the yard lately. I finished weeding the garden against the house. We'd like to plant irises in the fall but also think we'll plant some other stuff still this summer. We just have to decide on what. With my new job I get a good discount at Murdoch's so we should be able to find some stuff there.
We've taken down this planter and want to plant a few bushes over what is left. It was quite a job to knock it all down, but think we'll be happier with it this way. We have plans to pour a new concrete patio to cover up the last layer of brick, unless we can bring ourselves to try and pry up that last layer.

Jim found some mesh covering for our patio area so that we have more shade. He figured out a way to attach it using hooks and bungees. It's been awesome to have the extra shade.

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